Yang Yao

10-Piece Set Leather Burnisher Bits Multi Grooved Burnishing Tips Black Ebony Wood Polished Rods Edge Slicker for Leather DIY Leather Tools to Form Smooth and Clean Edges on Leathercraft Items


High-quality ebony: elegant ebony, waterproof, and corrosion-resistant. It allows you to create a beautiful polishing effect on almost all types and thickness of leather products. And don't worry about cracking or being contaminated.

Special polishing: The surface has been specially polished and is smooth enough so that it is easy to create amazing edge effects. Please ensure that the speed is controlled within 1500 RPM, otherwise, the temperature will be too high and damage the leather goods or tools.

Fully functional: a variety of different specifications of grooves can be accommodated in leather edges or holes of different thicknesses, and beautiful edges can be created on all kinds of leather goods in a few seconds.

Well-designed: tools are carefully designed to meet most of the needs, can match most models of electric drills, and provide the best control and flexible maneuverability, allowing you to discover the fun and sense of achievement of hand-processed leather.

After-Sales Warranty: Ensure quick replacement or return. If the goods are found to be damaged after receiving or during use, we guarantee a full refund or send you a new one.


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